USA Travel Guide

From the glittering lights of New York and Los Angeles to the majesty of the country’s national parks, you could visit the United States hundreds of times and still not see everything.

I lived in the United States for two years, based in Dallas, Texas. Most weekends we jumped in the car or headed to the airport to visit another city or state. Here are my guides and tips for travelling around the USA!

72 hours in New York City
Grand Canyon pictures

Essential USA travel information

  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Language: English
  • Population: 333,082,557
  • Area: 9,372,610 square kilometres (3,796,928 sq miles)
  • Currency: U.S. dollar
  • Emergency numbers: 
    • General emergencies (crime, fire and medical): 911
  • Electricity: 120V 60HzType A and B connectors
  • Telephone country code: +1

Top 5 USA travel experiences

1. Exploring the country’s 63 national parks and experiencing the diversity of the USA’s landscapes

2. Jumping in a car and hitting the road for an epic road trip across the USA

3. Experiencing the hustle and bustle of big cities like New York, Chicago, Boston or San Francisco

4. Eating your way around the USA, trying regional specialities, from gumbo in the south to a burger at a roadside diner

5. Learning about the country’s history, from Civil War to Civil Rights

USA travel inspiration

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