My Published Work

As well as my own travel blog, I also write for other blogs and publications.

Magazines and online publications

In this US state you can visit 5 incredible national parks in a week

Paradise magazine (Air Niguini’s airline magazine)
Vol 2, 2014

Chicken hearts for dinner
On disliking must-see tourist sights
Timor-Leste: Mohawks and a touch of the untouched
Hand signals and Nobel Prize winners: Soweto by foot


Moving pets overseas: A stress-free guide

Guest posts

Make Time to See the World
16 Fab things to do in Buenos Aires (+ handy travel guide)

The Department of Wandering
8 epic places to visit in Argentina (that aren’t Buenos Aires)

yTravel Blog
Seeing a different side of South Africa
15 important things to know before you visit Buenos Aires

Interviews and profiles

Bright Lights of America

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