Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

A country that is close to my heart, I called Papua New Guinea home for four years. Home to an estimated 9 million people, there are more than 800 languages spoken here – the highest number per capita of any country in the world. With these languages comes hundreds of diverse, rich cultures. Papua New Guinea is a country that will absolutely astound and amaze you. It’s not an easy country to visit, but it’s totally worth it.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Papua New Guinea

Essential Papua New Guinea travel information

  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Languages: English, Tok Pisin, Motu (the three official languages – there are more than 800 languages spoken throughout the country)
  • Population: Estimated at around 9 million
  • Area: 462,840 square kilometres (178,703 sq miles)
  • Currency: Kina
  • Telephone country code: +675
  • Emergency numbers: 
    • Police: 112
    • Fire: 110
    • Medical emergencies: 111
    • Also record the phone number of your country’s embassy or consulate
  • Electricity: 230V 50HzType I connectors (same as Australia and New Zealand)

Top 5 Papua New Guinea travel experiences

1. Making your way around the country to explore the stunning beaches and coastal areas

2. Experiencing one of the mind-blowing PNG festivals

3. Tackling the historic Kokoda Track

4. Checking out cute – and not-so-cute – critters at the Port Moresby Nature Park

5. Learning about incredible cultures across the country

Papua New Guinea travel inspiration

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