Blogging Resources

Blogging is hard work. I use so many tools to help me stay on top of everything. Here are some of my favourite blogging resources! If you’re an aspiring blogger, bookmark this page.

Some of the links – but not all – on this page contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. This means that if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

Hostgator // This is the company I use to host my website. They have super fast service and affordable monthly and annual plans.

Google Analytics // This free tool tracks stats on the people who visit your blog – it’s a MUST for any blog.

MacBook Air // I was always a PC kind of lady, but Macs are the BEST. I just upgraded to a new MacBook Air and it’s so light and transportable.

Tailwind // I don’t have hours every day to sit around pinning pins to Pinterest. Tailwind saves me hours every week.

SmarterQueue // This is the tool I use to schedule out Twitter and Facebook posts because who has the time to be doing that manually each week? Not me! If you sign up via my link you’ll get a free trial.

Later // I use this tool to schedule my Instagram images. I try to schedule out a month in advance so I can post each week without stressing out about finding images and crafting captions.

Evernote // This is the tool I use to keep all my blog ideas, thoughts, interesting websites and everything else in one place.

Trello // Another organising tool I use, Trello is how I plan out all my blog posts and keep on top of my blogging tasks. I also keep on top of life admin tasks and organise my travel with Trello.

Antonette theme // I run this beautiful theme on my blog.

Keysearch // This is the tool I use to research keywords for my blog. Learning about SEO – including keyword research – has completely changed how I blog and resulted in a huge growth in traffic to my site.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing // I recently took this course to learn more about affiliate marketing so I could monetise my blog. Everything is explained in a simple manner with actionable tips.

Canva // I used this online design tool to create all my Pinterest images, media kit and other graphics. It’s so easy to use!

MailerLite // I use this newsletter service to email my subscribers.

External hard drive // I keep all my photos and documents backed up on this external hard drive.

Business cards // If you’re taking your blog seriously, consider getting some business cards made. Moo has gorgeous designs – and super fast production and delivery. And if you sign up here you’ll get 25% off your first order!

Moleskin notebooks // I love moleskin notebooks for taking notes when I’m on the road.