I didn’t mean to go to Los Angeles on this trip in 2007. I was trying to get to Mexico. But a missed plane and then confusion about which plane we’d get on next landed me in a hotel room just near the airport, while I waited for a morning flight. Luckily, a great Kiwi guy called Geoff was in the same boat. Rather than sitting around, we jumped on a bus and headed down to Santa Monica Beach to wander around. We watched people on the rides on the pier, posed with a lifeguard and enjoyed the sights and sounds. It was my first trip overseas by myself, and I was still figuring my way. I know that I wouldn’t have headed down here if it wasn’t for Geoff, so thank you!


By the way, because of how we were messed around we got business class flights to Mexico City. Even though it was early morning, we couldn’t resist a glass of champagne to celebrate our upgrade!