If you’re ever standing at the baggage carousel at the domestic airport in Port Moresby, you may wonder why there are so many white copra bags going around and around. Filled to the brim, one after the other happy travellers pick them up and head out of the airport.


So what’s in the bags? Chances are, if the flight has just come from Mt Hagen, it’s filled with vegetables – and some of the best vegetables you can find in Papua New Guinea.


If you ever get the chance to visit Mt Hagen, the market must be one of the places you head to. You’ll be surrounded by an amazing choice of fresh vegetables and all at very cheap prices. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes and at certain times of the year, beautiful strawberries.





Carrots galore!


As soon as you step inside, young boys will run up to you and help you carry your goods. When you’re finished they’ll sew the bag up with rapid-fire movements, all ready for you to check in to the plane.




And when you fly back out of Mt Hagen, you’ll have some of the most beautiful views of the countryside.



Isn’t this a stunning view?




So incredibly green




The results of a quick trip to the Mt Hagen market