It’s been a long while since I posted properly on this blog. 2014 was one hectic year.


Work saw me chained to a desk for most of the year – working on some pretty exciting projects, though! – and I’ve barely had the time to travel. And when we did travel (including a fantastic first time to Sri Lanka and Dubai), I didn’t even had time to write about it.


But despite the fact that I was stuck in an office 24/7, 2014 ended with an exciting event…


We got hitched!



Best day. EVER.




It’s official – sealed with a kiss!




Because any wedding picture taken in Melbourne MUST have some graffiti in it…




And… just so you get another peek at the spunk I married.


My husband (still taking me a while to get used to saying that!) and I have been together for 15 years and marriage was never really a priority. But last year, well… something changed.


When Matt asked me to marry him, my first thought was about eloping. But I am so glad we didn’t. Sharing the day with friends and family in our small, intimate wedding was the highlight, and the day was full of lots of laughter, drinking and dancing. It wasn’t your typical wedding, and everything was just the way we wanted it to be.


Even though the wedding was three months ago now, we are still so hyped whenever we think about it.


(Wedding photos by the incredible Darin Collison.)


With a delayed honeymoon, we ended the year here…



Railay Beach, Thailand. The location of many books read, many hours spent in the sun, and several litres of cocktails.


And then rang in the new year here…



New Years Eve at the iconic MCG for a friend’s wedding.


Our time in Papua New Guinea is sadly coming to an end far too soon, and I feel that I haven’t written enough about this country that often undeservedly gets a bad rap in the international media.


So what’s the next adventure after Papua New Guinea? Who knows… let’s wait and see!