Ask people what their favourite thing about Thailand is and without a doubt most will say it’s the food. I’m no different. When I’m in Thailand, there’s rarely a day when I would choose Western food over Thai.


And why would I? The barrage of flavours and colours is enough to tickle my taste buds and keep me going back for pad Thai, larb gai, som tam, fresh fruits with explosive flavour, or the ever-present chocolate and banana crepes (not sure if this is really Thai but wherever it came from it’s always my choice for dessert!).


This was our second trip to Thailand so we decided we’d better learn how to make good Thai so we could whip something up when we got home and, of course, impress our friends with our newly-discovered cooking skills.


In Chiang Mai there’s a plethora of cooking skills and more options always makes it more difficult to choose. I did a bit of research and came across Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School thanks to a review on Nathan and Sofia’s website As We Travel.


We spent the first couple of hours picking up fresh food from the market, learning about the differences between ginger and galangal, and smelling all the fresh herbs and spices as our teacher, Mum, spoke about how they’re used in traditional Thai cooking.


Starving at first, it wasn’t long before we’d stuffed ourselves to the point of barely being able to move. Everyone got to choose eight dishes to cook and as we were all couples, that meant 16 different dishes each to try!


Here are some pics from the day. Oh, and when we got home to Melbourne we did host a Thai feast for some friends and we did impress the socks off them!


The boys preparing spring rolls


Spring roll wrapping


Spring rolls cooking away

Forever mixing ingredients together...


Ingredients for curry paste


Curry pastes


Som Tam or papaya salad


Range of Thai food ingredients


Woks bubbling away


Some of the finished product - yum!