I was recently looking through some photos from previous trips and came across these from Sri Lanka. I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since we visited, and I’ve barely posted anything about this teardrop-shaped country in South Asia. We spent two weeks exploring Sri Lanka with its nascent (but quickly growing) tourist industry, and would love to go back to see more of the country. The people, the food, the history (both centuries-old and more recent tragedies) all combine to create a fascinating place.


The cobblestoned streets of the former fort city of Galle. The beautiful beaches of chilled-out Mirissa. The heights of mysterious Sigiriya. Elephants and wildlife in Minneriya. Trains and tea in Ella. The historical centre of Kandy. Fast-paced, dusty Colombo. Colourful festivals. Spicy curries and sickly sweet desserts. Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip.


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School boys relaxing in the shade in Galle


Sri Lanka photos

The lighthouse in Galle


A game of cricket in Galle


Sri Lanka photos

Boys playing in the ocean in the dying sunlight


Wandering the cobblestoned streets of Galle


Sri Lanka photos

Early morning in Mirissa, on our way to see whales


Sri Lanka photos

Fishing boats in Mirissa


Sri Lanka photos

Surfer in Mirissa


Sri Lanka photos

Volleyball on the beach in Mirissa


Cricket on the beach in Mirissa


Sunrise in Mirissa


Sri Lanka photos

Fisherman in Mirissa


Thin, fluffy crepes filled with a sweet coconut mixture – my favourite snack in Sri Lanka


Train travel in Ella


Sri Lanka photos

Train tracks in Ella


Sri Lanka photos

Climbing up to Adam’s Peak in Ella


Sri Lanka photos

Views across the tea plantations in Ella


Travelling by train from Ella to Kandy


Sri Lanka photos

Building in Kandy


Old tea posters in Kandy


Tea plantation in Kandy


Looking over Kandy


Sri Lanka photos

Elephant statues in Kandy


Looking across the lake in Kandy


Lighting candles in the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic


View of Sigiriya


Paintings inside Sigiriya


View from the top of Sigiriya


Stairs used to climb up Sigiriya – you won’t see me climbing these!


Elephants at Minneriya National Park


People crowding Galle Face Green


The Perahera festival


Beautifully-adorned dancers during Perahera festival


Coconuts everywhere


Smiling faces in Colombo


Grains for sale in Colombo


Mosque in Colombo

If you haven’t visited yet, put it on your list.


Have you ever visited Sri Lanka? What is your favourite place in the country? Would you visit again?