I was in Singapore earlier this year for a few days for work. Before I left, a few people told me that I just HAD to try a few of the national dishes: chicken rice and chilli crab.

So I did.

Chicken rice is pretty much as it sounds: chicken with rice. But the chicken is poached and cooked to perfection, and the dish comes with little bowls of soy, chilli and ginger, so you can mix it all up together or just take as little or as much as you like.

Then, of course, there’s chilli crab: huge parts of giant crab swimming (well, not really anymore…) in a thick, rich chilli sauce. A bib is definitely required for eating this one.

And for dessert… something containing the extract of a female frog. I was a little cautious about this one, but it was just like sago (tapioca). Still… strange. No photos I’m afraid.