Singapore has some really pretty Hindu and Buddhist temples – I love the detail in the designs on the ceilings and walls.

Entrance to a Hindu temple

Detail on the ceiling of a Hindu temple

Buddha’s head

Burning incense at the entrance to a Buddhist temple

Peek through the window into a Buddhist ceremony taking place

Offerings of food

Candles and incense

Artwork outside a Buddhist temple

Beautifully decorated building… but it’s about to be turned into a new apartment building

Front of temple

Like Chinatowns all over the world, Chinatown in Singapore is an amazing array of colourful lanterns, shops full of weird and wonderful foods, and street vendors selling all things delicious.

Chinatown – red window shutters

Lanterns in Chinatown… the humidity created condensation on the lens, creating this misty effect…

And then the food… I love anything Asian, so I was in heaven in Singapore. Had to try two of the “national” dishes: chicken rice and chill crab. Yum.

Chicken rice: chicken and… you guessed it, rice!

Chilli crab

Try getting this sucker open… I couldn’t!