Riding on the back of a small motorbike, dodging the occasional suicidal dog or chicken that ventured on to the road, we head out of Luang Prabang, Matt doing the driving. Our destination is the Kuang Si waterfalls, around 25 kilometres out of the city. Along the way, we are distracted by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. People go about their normal business, planting, tending their gardens, tidying up houses.

Arriving at the waterfalls, we are struck by the colour of the many pools that cascade from the waterfall. Some people brave the turquoise-coloured waters, but in the cool, shady area, I prefer to stay dressed and dry. Others inch their way up a slippery tree branch to swing off a rope into the water.









At the entrance to the park that houses the waterfalls, there is a sanctuary for rescued bears. These bears were previously prisoners of poachers or circuses. There’s some terrible information about the tortures that some bears go through, as well as details about how people can help.





If you’re in Luang Prabang, visiting the park is a must-visit – although hopefully you’ll be braver than me and take a dip in the waterfalls.