Wandering the streets of Luang Prabang after dropping our backpacks at our guesthouse, I am immediately attracted to the UNESCO-listed city.

The small streets are lined with funky little bars offering a mix of cocktails, and shops selling gorgeous handmade silk clothes and silver jewellery. The night market is abuzz with a mix of tourists and locals. The food night market is a crush of people, smoky barbecues and unnameable smells. Small streetside restaurants whip up flavoursome meals for a couple of bucks. Monks wander the streets in groups of two or three, on their way to who knows where. The Mekong River meanders along one side, with the smaller Khan River the other side, joining the Mekong at the tip of the peninsula. Cute little side streets cut through and around elegant French colonial buildings. Looking down on all this is That Chomsi, a golden stupa sitting atop of Phu Si.

There is a relaxed vibe throughout the city that makes it a great place to finish our trip.

But I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I visit this city.