One of the things I love about South East Asia is the night markets. In most cities you’ll find a market crammed with local goods, food and massage joints. Yes, they’re touristy, but they’re also a great place to pick up cheap (fake!) clothes, buy interesting souvenirs and taste the delicious local cuisine.


Vientiane Bar Guy-1


Visiting the night market in Vientiane (located right on the waterfront) we came across this very cool bar man, whipping up delicious (but sweet!) vodka cocktails for a mere 15,000 Kip (US$1.89).


Vientiane Bar Guy-2


By the way, the markets in Laos have to be some of the most chilled markets in South East Asia – there is absolutely no hassling, unlike some other countries. If you say no thanks, you don’t want something, that’s it. No one following after you with a “I’ll give you discount” – it’s just a smile and an “okay”, and they move on to the next customer.