One of the best things to do in any city in the world is to stroll through its markets, and Buenos Aires is no exception.


Every weekend there are many markets held in various barrios across the city, and one of the most famous is held in the bohemian barrio of San Telmo. This barrio has a long and interesting history which can still be seen in its beautiful buildings, some of which have crumbling facades.


On any day, San Telmo is the place to visit for antiques, but on Sundays the barrio comes alive as locals, expats and tourists alike step out to wander through the more than 15 blocks of stalls featuring arts and crafts, local souvenirs, clothing and all sorts of bric-a-brac from days past.


San Telmo with tag-1

Beautiful architecture in San Telmo, Buenos Aires


San Telmo with tag-2

I love these colourful glass bottles used for soda water


San Telmo with tag-3

Old medicine bottles


San Telmo with tag-4

The San Telmo market is famous for antiques of all types


San Telmo with tag-5

Copper kitchen ware


San Telmo with tag-6

Old signs for sale at the San Telmo market


San Telmo with tag-7

In among all the antiques and souvenirs for sale, there is also live music and tango dancing


San Telmo with tag-8

Sweet snacks for sale


San Telmo with tag-9

Rock n roll puppets


San Telmo with tag-10

The view from above in El Patio de los Eseiza


San Telmo with tag-11

Soft drink crates for sale


San Telmo with tag-12

El Patio de los Eseiza


San Telmo with tag-13

Sweet peanuts for sale


San Telmo with tag-15

Iglesia Nuestro Señora de Belen


San Telmo with tag-17

San Telmo street view


San Telmo with tag-18

Old typewriters


San Telmo with tag-19

More signs for sale


San Telmo with tag-20

You can buy beautiful antique chandeliers in most of the antique shops


The deets

The San Telmo market is held every Sunday along Calle Defensa. Porteños don’t start their Sundays early, so I recommend heading to the market around midday when all the stalls should be set up and people will be milling about. There are plenty of options for food: choose from any of the restaurants lining Calle Defensa or one of the many street food sellers.