When in South Africa, you can’t miss the wineries that this country has to offer. Some of the best come from the Cape Town area and it’s very easy to join a wine tour (with the luxury of a designated driver, of course!).


We did a day trip with Wine Flies (www.wineflies.co.za) and our guide Riaan picked us up in the morning, returning us back to Cape Town later in the afternoon, a little worse for wear.

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There were only four of us on the tour – Matt, me and a couple from the US, Chris and Amanda – so we got a lot of attention from Riaan, who could reel off the names of varieties of wine (some I’d never heard of) as easily as repeating the alphabet. He had a background in hospitality and had spent a lot of time studying wine (sounds like a hard life, huh?).

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To be honest, the trip was over a year ago, and as the number of wines we consumed increased, the ability of my brain to remember details decreased. What I can remember is that we visited around six different wineries in the Stellenbosch and Paarl regions, each with their own distinguished history and wine varieties. Included was a stop at a cheese place where we tasted all sorts of locally made cheeses.

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We were also able to purchase bottles of wine as we went along and they were incredibly cheap – some only $10 or $20 for a bottle of fantastic pinot grigio or sparkling. We wished that we were able to buy cases of so many different varieties to take home! Instead we only bought enough to keep us going on our trip through South Africa.


There are plenty of winery tours on offer in Cape Town, but I’d highly recommend Wine Flies for the small group tours and the knowledge of our guide. It was also very affordable, at around A$135 for the two of us for the full day (not including lunch).